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Start Space Summit – Edinburgh


Start Space Summit, an annual technology conference, required a high-quality audio solution to ensure clear and impactful presentations for their 500 attendees. The challenge was to deliver flawless sound in a large conference hall, ensuring every participant could hear the speakers without any issues.


Speaker System Hire provided a comprehensive audio setup, including:

  • State-of-the-art speakers: High-fidelity speakers were strategically placed to cover the entire hall.
  • Wireless microphones: Ensured seamless movement for the presenters without compromising audio quality.
  • Sound technicians: On-site technicians managed the sound system throughout the event to address any technical issues promptly.


  • Clear Sound Quality: All attendees reported excellent sound clarity, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Positive Feedback: The client received positive feedback from attendees regarding the audio setup.
  • Successful Event: The conference ran smoothly with no audio disruptions, meeting the client’s expectations and elevating their event’s professional image.

Summer Beats Festival – Chelmsford


Summer Beats Festival, hosting over 10,000 music enthusiasts, needed a powerful audio system capable of delivering high-quality sound across multiple stages. The goal was to ensure every performance, from headliners to emerging artists, sounded exceptional.


Speaker System Hire provided a robust audio solution tailored to the festival’s needs, including:

  • High-power speakers and subwoofers: Deployed across multiple stages to deliver consistent sound coverage.
  • Monitors for performers: Ensured artists could hear themselves clearly, improving their performance quality.
  • On-site technical support: A team of technicians was present throughout the event to manage and optimise the audio systems.


  • Outstanding Sound Quality: Attendees enjoyed crystal-clear sound, enhancing their festival experience.
  • Seamless Performances: Performers praised the audio setup, which contributed to smooth and uninterrupted shows.
  • Increased Attendance: The successful audio experience contributed to a 20% increase in ticket sales for the following year’s festival.

Motivational Speakers Forum – Oxford


The Motivational Speakers Forum required a reliable audio solution to ensure their speakers could deliver powerful, engaging talks to an audience of 300 people. The venue had challenging acoustics, necessitating a solution that would prevent echo and ensure clarity.


Speaker System Hire provided a tailored audio setup, including:

  • Advanced acoustic treatment: Implemented to manage the challenging acoustics of the venue.
  • High-quality microphones and speakers: Ensured clear and consistent audio delivery.
  • On-site audio engineers: Managed the sound system to address any issues promptly and adjust settings as needed.


  • Enhanced Audio Clarity: Speakers were heard clearly, with no issues of echo or feedback.
  • Engaged Audience: Improved audio quality helped keep the audience engaged and attentive.
  • Successful Event: The client received positive feedback from both speakers and attendees, ensuring the success of the event.

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